Welcome to the internal reporting office of the Laumann Gruppe
You are on the homepage of the central electronic whistleblowing system of Laumann Stiftung & Co. KG and its affiliated companies (collectively also "Laumann Group").

We have commissioned the law firm PARK | Wirtschaftsstrafrecht., there attorney Dr. Tobias Eggers, with the establishment and operation of this whistleblower system as well as the role as ombudsperson.
You can submit information via this reporting office, which is independent of instructions, if you receive information about compliance violations, in particular violations according to § 2 HinSchG, in connection with or prior to your professional activities.

You can also report other possible compliance violations, in particular human rights or environmental risks or violations of human rights or environmental obligations under the LkSG via this reporting office.

If you submit a tip via our whistleblower system, it will be received directly and exclusively by lawyer Dr Tobias Eggers. In this Video, Dr Eggers introduces himself and his tasks as an ombudsperson.

How the system protects you: 
  • The system preserves the confidentiality of the identity of the persons named in § 8 HinSchG, i.e. above all that of the person making the report.
  • Your report will be recorded completely anonymously, if you so wish. 
  • All information is encrypted end-to-end so that your sensitive information is safe.

On which topic do you want to make a report? 

This reporting centre has been set up so that you can report violations of the following categories of legal provisions:
  • Violations of regulations that fall within the material scope of § 2 HinSchG. This includes offences against legal provisions that are punishable by law or constitute an administrative offence. In addition, certain violations of federal or state laws and directly applicable legal acts of the EU and the European Atomic Energy Community can be reported.
  • human rights or environmental risks/violations under the LkSG
  • Violations of our internal compliance guidelines, such as our Code of Conduct. Please note that the HinSchG and its legal protective effects do not apply to these reports. However, as a company, we are committed to providing comprehensive protection for whistleblowers in these reports as well.

If you wish to make a report and are unsure which of the three categories mentioned above applies to the underlying facts of life that you wish to report, please select "Information according to the HinSchG".

Please note that we do not process any reports on facts of life that cannot be assigned to any of the three categories mentioned above. This applies in particular to reports of alleged product defects, etc. Please refrain from submitting such reports to this reporting centre.

External reporting centres

The possibility of submitting a report via the reporting platform of Laumann Gruppe does not exclude the possibility of submitting an external report to the competent bodies, institutions or other agencies of the federal government, the federal states or the European Union. In particular, these may include:
  • the central external reporting centre of the Federal Office of Justice (BfJ)
  • the whistleblower system of the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin
  • the whistleblower system of the Federal Cartel Office (BKartA)